Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Time for the Witch

We need a great witch show.

Adding a witch into the mix always seems to make things quite a bit more interesting. Buffy did it with Willow. The coven of necromancers are already stirring things up on the new season of True Blood. And Bonnie's abilities on The Vampire Diaries have certainly served their purpose, with plenty more to surely come.

Now is the moment for the witches to break free from the vampires, once and for all, with a successful series of their own. (I'm gonna pretend here that Eastwick never happened.) It's been five years since Charmed ended its successful eight-year run, but even then I often found the series to be a little too "cutesy" for a show about witchcraft and its potential to be a fairly dark subject.

Good witches. Evil witches. The CW's upcoming The Secret Circle is lookin' a lot like The Craft, and that's certainly not a bad thing at all. It seems to contain the darkness that Charmed lacked and, based on the trailer below, the stakes are an awful lot higher, too.

The show follows Cassie Blake, a teenager who suffers a tremendous tragedy and finds herself in the mysterious town of Chance Harbor. There, she befriends a group of unique individuals who inform her of her Wiccan heritage and believe her to play a tremendous role in completing their secret circle of magic. Cassie's mere presence in Chance Harbor opens up a Pandora's Box of power, setting into motion a dynamic story of "good vs. evil" for our viewing pleasure.

Gale Harold (Desperate Housewives, Queer as Folk) and Natasha Henstridge (Eli Stone) portray what seem to be the show's severely sinister villains, and they're lookin' to be playing the parts rather well.  However, it's definitely up to the talents of the young cast to turn a potentially great story into a successfully compelling series.

For a sizable chunk of what to expect from The Secret Circle, check out this promo:


  1. While I completely disagree about Charmed and the craft for that matter (no offense) I do agree that TSC is going to rock it and I can't wait. Dark is all well and good but a little light and fluff here and there isn't bad either..Even TVD does it from time to time ;)

  2. No offense taken at all. =) Thank you for commenting!

    I do agree that there's nothing wrong with a little "light and fluff." It's nice to break up the doom and gloom from time to time.

    I remember watching a show in 2002 with Matthew Fox, called 'Haunted', and I found it to be so consistently dark that it was almost depressing. I stopped watching it, of course.

    Personally, I always felt that 'Charmed' never dared to go to past a certain point. In my opinion, in comparison to books I've read, or movies/tv shows I've seen involving witches, 'Charmed' always came across as a little tame.

    And while there is nothing at all wrong with "tame", I'm looking forward to a witch show that kicks it up a notch. Light and fluff included.

  3. I get what you're saying..
    Looking back and after seeing shows of the now, I can see where Charmed maybe didn't push the envelop as much as they could have but I also think that 5 years is a long time and what entertains us now might not have been as acceptable to show back then. Not that they couldn't have gone darker but going as dark as shows are now, perhaps they were afraid it'd be too risque and inappropriate.
    Just my .02 again lol

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