Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Proud' to Be Back

I went away. Took a moment. More than a commercial break. More like a summer hiatus. Sometimes you need to take a step back to move ahead. Onwards we go.

I started this website because I love television. My relationship with the small screen has only been surpassed in length by the one I have with my own family. Like them, television has nurtured and inspired me, in ways that some of my closest friends haven't. But rather than using The Proud Potato to convey this love and passion for TV, I've been devoting my time to it in an attempt to do what other sites are doing better.

The Proud Potato will no longer focus on news stories that I alone cannot keep up with. It will not focus on shows that I honestly couldn't care less about or the latest poster promotion. It will only be dedicated to what moves me the most - the moments that contribute to this enduring relationship I have with television.

'Cuz, remember... I started this website because I love television - and it's certainly about that time to talk about it. And, hopefully, to find others who feel the same as I in the process.

Where are the other Proud Potatoes at?

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